Re-elected Ned Simpson to the finance board

Re-elected Ned Simpson to the finance board

We need highly capable and experienced people to serve in our town government. And when we find one as exceptional and as experienced as Ned Simpson, we want to keep him and elect him to a third term to the Board of Finance.

To the Editor:


  • Ned’s career in financial management is varied and deep. His experience has been sought after by the private sector and in the public sphere. He has had responsibility for budgets in the tens of millions of dollars, and in the planning and management of construction projects. He understands governance, purchasing, supply chain, insurance, and many other operations which are pertinent and useful experience on our Board of Finance. When he sees a problem he steps in to create a solution. Working on the Town Building Inventory and Planning Work Group he put decades of dedicated experience to good use. Most important, he is curious, analytical, and comfortable in diving into detail while always viewing the big picture.

  • Experience counts. There is no room for learning on the job.

Vote for Ned Simpson to continue his good work on the Board of Finance.

Putting him back to work for the Newtown voters and taxpayers assures us that our money will be used wisely and spent on our needs and desires. His experience counts. And count on Ned to provide guidance and leadership in our financial matters.

Steve Rosenblatt

Sandy Hook