Razer unveiled the latest generation of Android game controllers

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Take mobile gaming to new heights and play full PC and console games directly on your phone with the Razer Kishi V2. With cutting edge microswitch buttons, analog triggers, and programmable macros, you can now play games on your mobile exactly as you would play them on a console. Razer Kishi V2 comes with best-in-class updates and features. Razer’s new updates to the Kishi V2 extend the company’s 16-plus years of product expertise in the PC and console gaming industry to mobile gamers. The Kishi V2 includes the same high-quality inputs as Razer’s award-winning Wolverine V2 console controllers, as well as all-new tactile microswitch controls, bringing industry-leading advancements to handheld gaming hardware.

Razer, the world’s leading gaming lifestyle brand, has released the Razer Kishi V2 for Android, with an iPhone version expected later this year. This announcement celebrates the debut of the award-winning mobile gaming controller, which brings console-quality controls and gameplay to smartphones. Because of the phenomenal rise of cloud-based gaming and casting on mobile platforms, the future of portable gaming is brighter than ever, and Razer is here to give gamers with the simplest option for playing any game with total control and zero compromises.


  • The structural design of the Kishi V2 has been reinvented with a simpler bridge that provides a stable feel and universal smartphone compatibility. The Kishi V2 includes a comfortable grip in a highly compact form factor, designed with ergonomics in mind. Every mobile player will benefit from these design innovations, which increase accessibility and improve the user experience. The Kishi V2 has also been built for maximum compatibility and will operate with existing and new Samsung and Google Pixel phones.

  • The new Share button enables players to instantly snap the perfect still image or create video clips to share with their friends and followers. The Kishi V2 features dual multifunction buttons as well as the ability to open the all-new Razer Nexus app with a single button press. These enhancements ensure that the Kishi V2 is tuned for the best possible performance when playing the latest AAA or mobile game releases.

The Kishi V2 delivers native and cloud game control over a USB-C connection and pass-through charging connectors that enable smartphone charging without stopping games, with the same low latency gameplay as its predecessor. The Kishi V2 is designed for maximum adaptability and customizability, thanks to the brand-new and fully integrated Razer Nexus App. Razer Nexus launches with a single button push, enabling rapid access to installed games, YouTube or Facebook streaming capabilities, compatible game discovery, and controller settings. The Razer Nexus App and the newest edition of this feature-rich, industry-leading mobile gaming controller are now available for Android.


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