Rayland creates a complete game from a puzzle idea

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Starting off with very basic challenges, you’ll eventually reach a point where you’re reflecting the laser off of itself in order to direct the light to certain places, and then having to strategically place reflective panels to shoot the beam through objects. Frequent players of video games show superior sensorimotor decision-making skills and enhanced activity in key regions of the brain as compared to non-players, according to a recent study by Georgia State University researchers. The authors, who used functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) in the study, said the findings suggest that video games could be a useful tool for training in perceptual decision-making.

Everybody has played games with puzzles involving reflecting a light beam off of mirrors so that it can travel to a specified location, and now Rayland is developing the mentally taxing idea into a whole title. This Wednesday, it will cost $4.99 for PS5 and PS4. View the trailer up top to discover how the experience develops the straightforward idea.


  • Clearly, it’s a very simple game, but those who get a kick out of encountering these puzzles in bigger games now have a place to play them over and over again. Are you one of those people? Let us know in the comments below. A recent study by Georgia State University researchers found that regular video game players have improved sensorimotor decision-making abilities and increased brain activity compared to non-players. The study’s authors, who employed functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI), said the results point to the possibility of using video games as a training aid for perceptual decision-making. The majority of our youth play video games for more than three hours per week, but the positive effects on cognition and decision-making are still unclear, according to the study’s lead author, associate professor Mukesh Dhamala of Georgia State University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy and Neuroscience Institute.

  • “Video games are played by the overwhelming majority of our youth more than three hours every week, but the beneficial effects on decision-making abilities and the brain are not exactly known,” said lead researcher Mukesh Dhamala, associate professor in Georgia State’s Department of Physics and Astronomy and the university’s Neuroscience


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