Raptic presents the high end Phone Cases to complement and protect the new iPhone® 13 models

Raptic presents the high end Phone Cases to complement and protect the new iPhone® 13 models

Raptic excels at precision engineering that adapts to the most state-of-the-art and newest products on the market. Backed by a team of veteran engineers and designers, Raptic crafted the latest product line-up to complement the advanced features of the various models of the iPhone®13.

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Raptic, a leading manufacturer of sophisticated, premium-crafted electronic accessories, today unveiled a new line of expertly designed protective phone cases for the various iPhone® 13 models. Raptic Air, Clear, and Shield phone cases deliver the performance and durability that consumers demand, bringing intelligent solutions that fit seamlessly into consumers’ lifestyles.


  • Utilizing machined metal frames as its foundation, Shield incorporates hard polycarbonate, soft rubber, and anodized aluminium to give the phone case a strong finish and durable design
    Offers military-grade drop protection up to 10+ feet when dropped on concrete
    Features a transparent polycarbonate back, allowing users to show off their new phone and back Apple logo
    Raptic Air ($39.99) offers a modern design and excellent performance with durability featuring rubber design elements and protection:

  • Raptic Shield ($29.99) phone cases offer users the ultimate protection with an edgy, sophisticated design:

Offers a premium, clear frame that will not tarnish or turn yellow after extensive use
Incorporates two layers of shock-absorbing rubber that provide grip and button protection, as well as overall durability
Utilizes DropShield material included in the interior frame that hardens upon impact and disperses shocks to evenly protect from unavoidable drops
Offers military-grade protection for up to 6-feet drops
Available for order starting today, all products will come in various colors and sizes to complement users’ new phones. For more information on the latest Raptic products, including the Air, Clear, and Shield phone cases, please visit www.rapticstrong.com. Raptic offers free shipping for all products within the U.S., and a lifetime warranty.

Created from military-grade machined metal, it includes an aluminium foundation paired with a dual layer of soft rubber and hard polycarbonate to provide extra shock protection
Features a clear rubber exterior, flexible rubber side cushions, and raised lip guards to prevent damage from bumps, scratches, and drops
Offers superior drop and impact protection up to 13-feet
Raptic Clear ($19.99) is a simple yet durable phone case, designed with minimalist touches:

About Raptic:

Born and built-in Los Angeles, Raptic prides itself on its sophisticated, premium-crafted portfolio of electronic accessories that fit seamlessly into your world. Raptic excels at engineering smart technology that compliments your lifestyle, from protective cases to portable power banks and Qi chargers. Backed by a team of veteran engineers and designers, Raptic is dedicated to delivering industry-leading products for the latest innovations in the consumer electronic space and bringing to market best-in-class accessories for all your devices. Inspired by the rich and diverse cultures, lifestyles, and industries that influence their hometown of Los Angeles, Raptic listens to its consumers to ensure every product is designed and engineered to be endlessly functional and infinitely practical.