PUBG Update 9.2 brings dirt bike, driver shooting, and new Battle Bride Pass

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PUBG players have another reason to cheer themselves up. After announcing PUBG Mobile India for Indian gamers, developer PUBG Corporation is now rolling out the PUBG 9.2 update which brings several new features and a new vehicle. This update is meant for PC and console gamers, including those in India. The main reason you will like this version is the introduction of a brand new Dirt Bike which is a lightweight version of the Bike and will appear on all maps except Karakin. You’ll also see the new driver’s shooting mode and improved weapon balance adjustments.

The new Dirt Bike is a single-seater, which means you can’t have one of your team members in the sidecar. It brings an individual clutch system that will rev up the engine and an improved suspension for off-roading. This vehicle will be available on all maps except the Karakin map. The Dirt Bike will also be available in Normal and Custom matches and within Training Mode on all eligible maps such as Erangle and Miramar. The Dirt Bike will also allow you to perform stunts such as a wheelie or a hairpin, bearing in mind that the maximum speed is 130 km / h.

As there is a new vehicle that is making the battle royale game interesting, there is also a new mode. The new feature is called Driver Shooting, which allows the driver to aim and shoot enemies during the match. This is one of the most requested features that is finally making its debut. This mode allows the driver to grab and shoot firearms while driving and maintaining control of the vehicle you are driving. But since there are too many things, the weapon’s reload response is slightly delayed. Several sidearms are available for Driver Shooter mode, but you can’t currently see them all in action.

The list below shows all the sidearms that will work with the new driving shooting mode:

  • Deagle
  • P18C
  • P1911
  • P92
  • R1895
  • R45
  • Skorpion
  • Flare gun
  • Sawed-off (Sawed-off can only be equipped by drivers on Bike type vehicles.)

Additionally, PUBG Corporation is introducing the Battle Bride Pass, which brings an entire battle centered around a single character rather than a theme. This Battle Bride Pass is based on Sadiya Qureshi, the hero of the Karakin lore featured in PUBG comics. There are 15 levels in this new pass and it progresses independently of the Survivor Pass. The Battle Bride Pass will last 28 days from the date of purchase.

You can read more about the new features, the new vehicle, and more information about the Battle Bride Pass on the PUBG website.

PUBG introduced the 9.2 update for its PC and console versions, bringing a new Battle Bride Pass for players who rely on the character of Sadiya Qureshi.

News Underline:

  • PUBG has received a new update with the 9.2 update.
  • This update introduces a new Dirt Bike and Driver Shooting mode.
  • PUBG Update 9.2 also introduces the Battle Bride Pass.

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