PUBG Mobile India release date may be out soon as pre-registrations for battle royale go live

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PUBG Mobile returns to India with a new avatar. Called PUBG Mobile India, the battle royale game was designed with India in mind. PUBG Corporation, the parent company of the game, has announced the launch of PUBG Mobile India but has not mentioned a specific date. Now a new development has emerged that strongly points to an upcoming launch. PUBG Mobile India pre-registrations for Android and iOS are now open for select users who are part of the Tap Tap game sharing community.

Tap Tap has now listed PUBG Mobile India with pre-registrations for its community members. Pre-registrations are open for both Android and iOS platforms, which means PUBG Mobile India will soon be available for registration for everyone on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. At the time of writing, PUBG Mobile India was not listed in the Android and iOS app stores, but that may change soon.

PUBG Mobile India is receiving a huge response from the community of players registered on Tap Tap. At the time of writing, the latest version of the PUBG Mobile game has received over 1 lakh pre-registrations. The description of this pre-registration list also reveals the file Facebook and YouTube pages for PUBG Mobile India are now available. In fact, the Facebook and PUBG Mobile India’s Instagram pages have posted teasers of the game, saying it will be “coming soon”. The Tap Tap list also mentions that the game will be available in both English and Hindi, but I’m not sure.

PUBG Corporation made several changes to its PUBG Mobile which it withdrew from Tencent Games after the ban was imposed in India. PUBG Mobile’s latest counterpart brings Indian elements, according to the company, including fully dressed characters when the match begins, green liquid instead of red blood, and simulation training ground. But these changes are the same ones that PUBG Corporation has made to the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile called Game for Peace.

The company has also entered into an agreement with Microsoft to store Indian player data on Azure Cloud servers located in India. PUBG Corporation had emphasized the security of user data, including regular checks and verifications on these storage systems. The company is also investing $ 100 million in India to erect its Indian branch and cultivate esports in the country. PUBG Corporation has also announced that the Indian subsidiary will organize several eSports tournaments with large prize pools from time to time to give a boost to the Indian player community.

PUBG Mobile India is receiving a huge response from the community of players registered on Tap Tap.

News Underline:

  • PUBG Mobile India pre-registrations are now active in India.
  • Pre-registrations are for Android and iOS platforms.
  • PUBG Mobile will be relaunched in India as PUBG Mobile India.

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