PUBG Mobile India relaunch soon as company signs cloud deal with Microsoft

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PUBG Mobile fans saw a positive coating when a report last week suggested that the company plans to revive the hugely successful battle royale in India later this year. Several preparations are underway to sound the re-entry of PUBG Mobile, including a marketing campaign that will air sometime around Diwali. Now, the company’s latest move seems like a right step in that direction. PUBG Corporation’s parent company, Krafton, has signed an agreement with Microsoft to store user data on the Azure cloud network, which could allay the Indian government’s data location fears.

The latest cloud deal between Krafton and Microsoft will include a number of products, including PUBG, PUBG Mobile, and PUBG Mobile Lite games. This means that all user data for these three games will be hosted on Microsoft Azure servers, also available in India. Krafton may choose to store Indian user data on Azure on-premises servers, thereby complying with data location criteria. This development comes shortly after last week’s report that PUBG Corporation is talking to cloud service providers in India about hosting PUBG Mobile data.

PUBG Corporation which developed the original game and its various versions is a subsidiary of Krafton operating under the umbrella company Bluehole in South Korea. PUBG Corporation recently took the publishing rights of PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite from Tencent Games in India. Prior to the ban, PUBG Mobile user data from India was stored on Tencent Cloud in China. The government announced a ban on PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite in September along with several other apps.

PUBG Corporation is also looking for a publisher in India for PUBG Mobile. He was allegedly speaking to a number of Indian publishing rights companies, including Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio, who could take over PUBG Mobile’s operations in India. PUBG Corporation has even spoken to Alibaba-funded Paytm for publishing rights, according to media reports. For now it is not clear who has shown interest in this offer but given the popularity and profit that PUBG Mobile can bring, the publisher’s search is ready to end well.

PUBG Mobile is likely to be relaunched in India by the end of this year, the first announcement of which was expected to come at any time last week. We can consider this agreement with Microsoft Azure as the first announcement towards the rejuvenation of PUBG Mobile in India. A Diwali campaign for PUBG Mobile could follow this announcement.

PUBG Mobile could return to India as soon as the company announced its partnership with Microsoft Azure which will allow it to comply with India’s data location policy.

News Underline:

  • PUBG Corporation’s parent company Krafton has signed an agreement with Microsoft for data storage.
  • This could mean that Indian user data will be stored in Azure locally.
  • PUBG Mobile could return if things go as planned for the company.

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