PUBG Mobile India now a registered company in India, game to launch soon

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PUBG Mobile India is not just a game you expect now, it has become a registered company in India. PUBG Corporation, the company that owns the titles PUBG, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile India and PUBG Mobile Lite, has created its Indian subsidiary called the same as the game that will launch soon. The company was registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs with a paid investment of Rs 5 lakh. Registration took place on November 21, meaning the company is closer to launching PUBG Mobile India than before.

PUBG Mobile India’s registration as a company comes in the wake of the announcement PUBG Corporation made during Diwali week. He said the company will erect an Indian branch, which will go an investment of up to $ 100 million (approximately Rs 739.72 crore). According to the screenshots of the company’s listing on the ministry’s website (via liquipediamemphiz), PUBG Mobile India was registered with a paid-up capital of Rs 5 lakh while the total authorized capital is Rs 15 lakh.

PUBG Mobile India headquarters and leader

The new company has been registered in Bengaluru, which may be the headquarters of the Indian branch of PUBG Corporation and will control the operations of the PUBG Mobile India game.

Krafton’s head of business development, Sean (Hyunil) Sohn has been named one of two directors of PUBG Mobile India. The other director is Kuma Krishnan Iyer, who has worked as a director at more than 10 companies, including Spotify and Accuweather. The names of both directors have been recorded in the company register.

PUBG Mobile India’s future strategy

Upon announcing its re-entry into the gaming kingdom in India, PUBG Corporation said it would invest $ 100 million in a new company that would be the Indian subsidiary of PUBG Corporation. The name of the Indian branch was not revealed at the time, leading to multiple rumor-based assumptions indicating that PUBG Corporation is looking for a publisher and is talking to Paytm, Reliance Jio and Airtel among others about it.

But none of these companies are likely to appear on the list that has been filed with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The full picture hasn’t come out yet, but it appears that PUBG Corporation has decided to go to India on its own, after allegedly dealing with the rejection of potential candidates it was talking to. I’m not sure this will make things difficult for PUBG Mobile India in the country as the government had stated more reasons when it banned the previous version. Although PUBG Corporation has made some changes to allay those fears, its fate will depend on the government’s nod.

The investment is part of these changes that the company will use to promote various sectors of India, including eSports and IT. PUBG Corporation had also stated that it will hold various eSports tournaments with large prize pools to encourage esports in India, which is something the government will pay attention to regarding the push in India’s digital ecosystem. The government has a multi-faceted plan that it is pursuing under the Digital India initiative.

What awaits us?

Now that PUBG Mobile India is now a registered company, the battle royale game PUBG Mobile India looks closer to its official launch in India. This will be marked by numerous advertisements, promotions and the game’s entry to the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Of course, government permission is still important and will be needed before the company moves forward with its plans.

PUBG Corporation has registered its Indian subsidiary as PUBG Mobile India and that means the game is coming soon.

News Underline:

  • PUBG Corporation has registered PUBG Mobile India as a company.
  • PUBG Mobile India is now registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  • This means PUBG Mobile India game is coming soon.

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