PSA: Nintendo Switch OLED and Xbox Series S are now available for purchase

PSA: Nintendo Switch OLED and Xbox Series S are now available for purchase

If you’re looking for Nintendo’s high-end console, the chances are very good that you can log onto Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and other retail sites right now and find whichever Switch OLED you want available at MSRP ($349.99). This includes both the model with the white Joy-Cons or the classic edition with the neon blue and red Joy-Cons. The $299.99 Xbox Series S is perhaps even more readily available at retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Target, but keep in mind the digital-only Series S is less powerful than the Xbox Series X, which remains elusive more than a year after making its debut.

When the Nintendo Switch OLED Model was released in the fall, it quickly joined the ranks of the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC graphics cards as a hot item that was quickly sold out everywhere. While this is still true for the majority of the devices I just named — some are only available for close to double their original price on the secondary market — the Switch OLED is no longer hard to come by. The Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s less expensive next-gen system, is the same.


  • The Xbox Series S is far smaller than the more capable Xbox Series X, which also features double the storage and a disc drive. The Series S can still tackle the same games, though, including original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games.

  • In the case of the latest Switch, all that matters is how much you care about the screen. It has a 7-inch OLED panel, smaller bezels, and bigger speakers than the original Switch.

So, if you were planning your grand, multi-step strategy for getting a Switch OLED or an Xbox Series S or thinking of subscribing to the likes of Amazon Prime, Walmart Plus, or Best Buy Totaltech to increase your chances of getting either, cast those aside as last resorts for another point in time. At this point in the year, you’ve likely missed out on the chance to have a Switch OLED delivered by the holidays, but a belated gift is better than striking out.

Buying tech like this has been anything but normal since the pandemic slowed supply chains to a grinding halt, with more and more people stuck at home wanting to be entertained — or make a lot of profit flipping tech to people who are struggling to score. To see that you can simply say to yourself, “I want to buy a Switch OLED,” and then do it with no friction is something I wasn’t expecting to see happen in 2021, and I’m thrilled.