PS4 players banned for “Dashboarding” in Apex Legends

PS4 players banned for

What makes things worse is that the banned PS4 players utilized another exploit other than the dashboarding method. The second exploit relates to Apex Legends’ matchmaking. High-ranked players take advantage of this exploit so they could sneak their way into a Bronze-tier lobby. The matchmaking exploit allows players to farm RP by taking advantage of the less-skilled bronze players. 

Respawn banned a total of 1,965 PS4 players recently for exploiting in Apex Legends’ ranked mode. The team banned a total of 2,086 players this time around. It’s surprising to see a majority of the bans going to PS4 players. This normally doesn’t happen as PC players usually are on the receiving end of bans. But this time, PS4 players have been exploiting the game with a method that only they can do. The PS4 community relies on “Dashboarding” to save themselves from losing ranked points. Dashboarding is a method used in the game wherein players force-close their game, usually by going back to the PS4 dashboard, in order to avoid losing RP. Because of this, players have the ability to maintain their “prestigious” rank even if they should have ranked down.


  • Mixed reactions stirred up on social media regarding the ongoing bans in Apex Legends. Some players were happy about Respawn Entertainment taking action regarding the issue. Other banned players were in denial about the use of these exploits. Meanwhile, some questioned the developers why the PS4 community was specifically targeted. As already discussed, dashboarding is a method unique for the console players. Hence, it only makes sense that Respawn banned a majority of Apex Legends PS4 accounts. The complaints are thus baseless and unfounded, and Respawn is just doing what it can to keep the playing field fair.