Proprietors of businesses react to the mask order which expires on 9 April in Alabama

Business owners react to the masking order that expires on April 9 in Alabama

Business News: Proprietors of businesses react to the mask order which expires on 9 April in Alabama.

The statewide Alabama mask mandate to curb the coronavirus has been extended until April 9, but will not be extended thereafter, Governor Kay Ivey said Thursday.

Ivey’s remark came when he announced that the broader state “Safer at Home” order, which includes the mandate of the mask and other measures, would be extended until the evening of April 9 instead of expiring on Monday, as previously scheduled.

Ivey said this will be the last time he will extend the masking part of the order. After April 9, Alabama will join at least 16 other states for not having a statewide face cover mandate.

“While I am convinced that a warrant for the mask was the right thing to do, I also respect those who oppose and believe this was a step too far for overcoming the government,” Ivey said at a news conference. in Montgomery.

At The Essential, a restaurant in central Birmingham, owners Victor King and Kristen Hall are delighted to see the state order has been extended for another five weeks.

I think that’s a great call, “King said.” Taking out the mask ordinance now would have been a little too quick and I think that gives us time, as fast as these vaccines are coming out, I think it gives a all the time to get vaccinated “.

Hall and King say it was easy to enforce their mandate on the mask and that their employees and guests fit in well.

At Jim Reed Books, owner Jim Reed also says his customers have adapted well to wearing masks. Reed says he still doesn’t know what April will be like with COVID-19.

“Things could get worse,” Reed said. “If it stays the same or improves, then we’ll make a decision. But I’ll take care of it because even though I hate wearing a mask, I’ll keep wearing it if it seems like it’s a good thing to do for people’s wellbeing. ”Reed says he’ll look at the numbers before making a decision.

“If it gets safer, I can see myself making the decision to say ok if someone really doesn’t want to wear it, I’m not going to create a problem,” Reed said. “I’ll be very careful with them, I’ll try to make more space, I’ll try to help them safely.”