Project Wingman, an Xbox Game Pass game, is explained

Project Wingman, an Xbox Game Pass game, is explained

Abi Rahmani and Matthew Nguyen created Project Wingman, which was partially funded through a Kickstarter campaign. Rahmani planned for the game to be a mix of flight simulator and arcade game, but has admitted to leaning more towards arcade-style gameplay in order to produce enjoyable combat-based gameplay. As a result, Project Wingman isn’t overly concerned with realism, which makes the game a lot more accessible to the general public.

Project Wingman was first launched on Steam in December 2020 to overwhelmingly good reviews. Project Wingman is a combat flying action game that isn’t a flight simulator, and it’s now available through Xbox Game Pass. As a result, this is an action-packed, arcade-style game that’s been compared to Ace Combat and was created with a clear nostalgia for movies like Top Gun. Project Wingman is the ideal game for everyone who wants to live out their jet fighter pilot fantasies with fast-paced, spectacular action and intriguing gameplay.


  • As mentioned, Project Wingman has been compared favorably to the Ace Combat series. The game includes two modes, Campaign and Conquest. The rogue-like Conquest mode, as well as the more traditional campaign, give players the option to play in first or third-person. Project Wingman’s gameplay is intended to be fun, fast-paced, and easy to pick up and play; the game has also been praised repeatedly for how satisfying the combat feels.

  • Project Wingman’s gameplay consists of extravagant and visually captivating dogfights in the skies above a post-apocalyptic Earth. As many reviews have praised, despite the unlimited ammunition in the game, the combat is complex and engaging. Players can equip multiple real-life planes with a variety of special weapons; these weapons in turn function in different ways, which allow players to customize based on their play style. Excitingly, the game also supports VR, which lets players get right into the action.


In Project Wingman, the Earth has been affected by a cataclysmic volcanic eruption, leaving parts of the planet uninhabitable. Players assume control of Monarch, a silent member of the Hitman squad of elite pilots. The narrative follows Hitman’s involvement in a war of independence between the Cascadian Republic and the Pacific Federation; while Hitman fights on the Cascadian side, Monarch makes a personal enemy in the Federation’s elite Crimson Team. As such, the game has a high concept narrative that works well in recreating the action-packed thrill of a film like Top Gun. The setting of Earth 432 years after the volcanic calamity makes for stunning backdrops to the flashy action of Project Wingman.