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A look at the UCL website states that the technology uses organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) applied in the same way as water transfer tattoos. That is, OLEDs are fabricated on temporary tattoo paper and transferred to the skin (or other non-human surface) by pressing on them and dabbing them with water.

Professor Franco Cacialli (UCL Physics & Astronomy), senior author of the paper, said: “The tattooable OLEDs we have demonstrated for the first time can be made on a large scale and very economically. They can be combined with other forms of tattoo electronics for a very wide range of possible uses. These could be for fashion, for example providing bright tattoos and light-emitting nails. In sports, they could be combined with a sweat sensor to signal dehydration. “

While it’s new right now, the idea of ​​having a reading right on your skin, of something you’re wearing that indicates important biological parameters like blood glucose levels and heart rate is very tempting. Such readings could show your body temperature or even allow you to keep an eye on your blood pressure in real time. Dr. Cacialli goes a step further by saying “if the tattoo was turned …

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