Prices for the Apple The M2 iPad Pro series has been revealed, as well as information on a more responsive iPad Mini and a laminated iPad

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iDropNews). The leaker reckons there could be three devices in the iPad Pro with M2 chip range, although at least one of them won’t make an appearance before 2023. With plenty of rumors already suggesting that Apple will show off a couple of 6th-generation M2 iPad Pro tablets at an event in fall, it may be the purported 14.1-inch variant that will come later.

Prices for the Apple M2 iPad Pro series as well as information on a more responsive iPad Mini and a laminated iPad were revealed. The following iteration of Apple iPad Pro tablets need to include the brand. Leaked information includes the supposed price tags for the next Apple M2 iPad Pro tablets as well as some unimportant but intriguing details about an incoming iPad mini slate and the next-generation iPad (10th gen). Additionally, conflicting information has been spread regarding the alleged 14.1-inch iPad Pro or “iPad Studio.”


  • This would actually mean the M2 iPad Pro tablets would be priced at the same level as the current M1 variants, so one would presume that the older devices will have their price tags cut rather than Apple releasing the M2 versions at higher prices. The same source reckons a price of around US$1,400 could be applied to the 14.1-inch iPad Pro, and it could come with 256 GB storage as base. However, the leaker asserts that this huge tablet will utilize a mini-LED panel and support ProMotion, which conflicts with details recently offered by another source.

  • The potential 2022 Apple iPad Pro devices are expected to come in 11-inch and 12.9-inch forms and will, of course, feature the new Apple M2 SoC. The 11-inch iPad Pro will apparently cost from US$799 and offer 5G and 128 GB base storage but will not sport a mini-LED panel. That latter technology will be reserved for the 12.9-inch M2 iPad Pro, which will also support 5G connectivity and come with a 128 GB base model for a price starting at US$1,099.

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As for the next-gen iPad mini, it is not expected to appear before 2023; however, it will apparently come sporting a handy 120 Hz display, which will be a decent upgrade over the current 60 Hz capability. There’s even room for a new tidbit about the 10th-generation iPad, with the screen possibly receiving a fully laminated makeover. The 10.2-inch Apple iPad is not fully laminated, and it seems this will be rectified with a 10.5-inch successor.


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