Pre-orders for the next one Apple notebook the MacBook Air, are now accepted

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It’s a considerable jump in price, then, to get the new device that’s powered by Apple’s latest and upgraded M2 chip. As well as that performance-boosting chip, the laptop comes with a larger and brighter 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display, a thinner and lighter design, an 18-hour battery life, a 1080p webcam and MagSafe charging. If you’re looking to pre-order today, then keep an eye quick links to retailers below that already have product pages live. We’ll keep this updated and share any important news over the next few hours until MacBook Air M2 pre-orders begin, including insights from TechRadar’s writers on the new laptop.

Pre-orders for the MacBook Air are currently open at most shops. Overall availability appears to be good, but when purchasing directly from Apple, there are already indications of shipment delays. At the moment, it only seems to apply to popular hues and more detailed specs, but as the day goes on, things can get worse. The cheapest MacBook Air M2 with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage costs $1,199 / £1,249. Comparing that starting price to the current MacBook Air M1, there is a $200 / $250 premium.


  • With the launch of the new MacBook Air, of course we’ve got an eye out for any price cuts on the older MacBook Air M1. It’s still a powerful device and a very capable laptop that will easily handle the majority of your work or daily computing needs. There aren’t many huge MacBook deals out there right now – perhaps they’re being saved for Prime Day – but here’s where we’ve found the 2020 laptop discounted today.

  • As we’re a few hours on from the pre-order launch time and the vast majority of retailers have made the MacBook Air M2 available to buy we’re going to start wrapping up our coverage from here. The headline news: there are already some dispatch delays at the Apple Store and some models have already sold out. However, there’s still a lot of MacBook Air M2 stock available. You can find it all right here and we’ll be sure to keep you updated in the days ahead in case you’re looking to buy closer to launch on July 15. Thanks for joining me today!


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