Potts Electric celebrates 10 years of activity

Potts Electric celebrates 10 years of activity

He said he has always enjoyed doing electrical work, and aside from his job with Great Plains he was doing electrical work on the side. He noticed the need for an electrician in the community had grown, so he decided to start Potts Electric.

Potts was an electrician for six years in Lincoln before moving to Perkins County in May of 2007, where he worked for Great Plains Communications.


  • As demand grew over time, Potts felt the need to move the business outside of his home due to the need for more space for inventory and the addition of new equipment and trucks.

  • He started the business out of his own home, and it has since grown considerably over the last ten years.

Now, the business has an outpost shop east of Grant at 3 Prospect Drive.

“I wanted my parking space back!” Potts joked.

Besides his own shop, Potts was able to add four “really good employees,” rather just running the business on his own with the help of his wife Michaela.

Potts said his employees, Cody Lee, Spencer Hansen, Shawn Wiebe and Justin Haskins are dedicated, active in the community and in general help make the company go every day.

The customer base, Michaela noted, is another thing that has grown over the decade. Potts’ main service area includes Perkins County and Keith County, but they service other nearby communities as well. The farthest they’ve gone for work, Potts said, is Broken Bow. “The employees and customers have been very loyal,” Potts said. “We have a lot of loyal customers, and that’s huge.”

Potts also noted Michaela’s help as the bookkeeper for the business has been helpful for the growth of Potts Electric. Michaela used to work at Adam’s Bank, but has since moved into running the business side of Potts Electric, as well as bookkeeping work for First Insight Eyecare in Grant. She is not the only family member helping out with the business, however.

Kailee Potts, a sophomore at Perkins County Schools, has helped her dad do electrical work, eighth grader Madison has helped with bookkeeping, and third grade son Carson enjoys helping out with physical labor. One of the biggest things Potts has learned during his time as a business owner is how to be adaptable working with a variety of people and serving their needs.

“It’s very demanding and hard work, but it also provides the opportunities and benefits of meeting people,” Michaela added. Potts said he wanted to emphasize how much they appreciate their local customers and their dedicated employees.

“It’s gratifying having satisfied customers when we’re at the end of the job,” Potts said. “It really makes it all worthwhile.” In fact, the people he’s worked with are one of the reasons he’s glad he started this business, along with the work itself.