PlWould Fund Over $ 500K to Raise 6 CaliforniCondors | Economic news

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Federal wildlife authorities will take an unprecedented step to help a wind power company breed endangered California condors to replace those killed by wind turbines.

The mitigation project proposed by the energy company Avangrid predicts that up to two adult condors and each of their two chicks or two eggs will die from a fatal wound over a period of 30 years.

Scott Sobiech, field supervisor for the Wildlife Service’s Carlsbad and Palm Springs offices, said in a statement that a draft plan for Avangrid Renewables’ Manzana Wind Power project includes “working with a captive breeding facility to fund l breeding additional condors for release into the wild. “

The plan is to provide over $ 500,000 over three years to produce six condor …

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