PlayStation develops AI ‘agents’ that play games with you

PlayStation develops

Tech News: PlayStation develops AI ‘agents’ that play games with you.

Sony’s latest corporate strategy documents explain that “Sony AI, which we founded last year, has partnered with PlayStation that will make gaming experiences even richer and more enjoyable. Using reinforcement learning, we are developing agents of game artificial intelligence that can be a player’s in-game opponent or collaborative partner. “

These AI game agents can be related to a recent patent from Sony, entitled “Automated Artificial Intelligence (AI) Control Mode for Performing Specific Tasks During Game Applications”. This system is described as an artificial intelligence capable of “simulating human game” based on a learned style of play. from a human user.

The AI ​​characters in the games, whether they are collaborative partners in games like Call of Duty or the enemy AI opponents we fight in a huge number of games, are nothing new. The interesting thing here is that these agents are designed to be like human players, so closer to a friend in co-op or an enemy in a PvP game. Sony’s Game AI agents could be the next step in a whole new world for “bots” in multiplayer games.