Pinson & Tang, LLC Announces Launch of Their CDI Mobile App for Clinician® for Physicians, CDI + MD, for iOS and Android Devices | News

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Based on decades of experience and annual analyses of the 50 diagnoses that create the greatest challenges or ambiguities for clinical documentation, the app focuses on the essential information physicians need for clinical documentation integrity (CDI). Included in each of the 50+ clinically relevant diagnoses are the: Links to supporting authoritative clinical literature and references. The CDI+MD mobile app also includes additional introductory CDI resource content written specifically with the physician in mind: What is CDI, Coding and DRG fundamentals, Coding Rules for clinicians, E&M Fundamentals, Pay for Performance, and Risk Adjustment and HCCs.

The CDI+MD mobile app focuses on the critical information for the 50+ clinically important diagnoses that physicians require for clinical documentation integrity (CDI), and it works in tandem with the CDI for the Clinician® micro-learning tool for physician training. CDI for the Clinician® mobile app for clinicians, CDI+MD, is now available for iOS and Android devices from Pinson & Tang, LLC, the authors of the best-selling original CDI Pocket Guide®.


  • It is also designed to complement the CDI for the Clinician® micro-learning tool for training physicians. For more information about CDI for the Clinician® and the CDI+MD mobile app, visit or download the CDI+MD app on the Apple or Play Store. Or, contact Customer Service at (713) 292-9412 or

  • The philosophy of all Pinson & Tang’s CDI Pocket Guide® products is to deliver targeted, clinically relevant content, resulting in the highest impact in the least amount of time. Clinicians can download the CDI for the Clinician® CDI+MD mobile app for free on the Apple App or Google Play store and gain access to all CDI introductory content and the 10 most common and challenging diagnoses, including sepsis, acute respiratory failure, acute kidney failure, pneumonia, encephalopathy, and more. Access to all diagnostic content is only $49.

Richard Pinson, MD, FACP, CCS, CDIP, is a physician, educator, administrator, and healthcare consultant. He practiced Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine for over 20 years, having board certification in both specialties, before joining forces with Cynthia Tang to address the needs of healthcare providers and hospitals. Cynthia Tang, RHIA, CCS, CRC, has been helping hospitals and healthcare practices across the country for over 30 years to improve their coding and clinical documentation integrity and health information management. She has devised and implemented successful, sustainable coding and clinical documentation integrity (CDI) programs in hundreds of hospitals.

Over the past 30 years, Pinson & Tang have earned the trust of hospitals and healthcare practices throughout the U.S. and internationally (Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE) for their crystal-clear teaching and resources for CDI specialists, coding professionals, and physicians.

Pinson and Tang co-authored the original CDI Pocket Guide® in 2008 and have created updates each year since then. This Guide set the standard for connecting the clinical and coding components that lie at the heart of a successful clinical documentation integrity (CDI) program.


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