Phone outages continue to affect Evansville companies

Phone outages continue to affect Evansville companies

The business had lost its phone service. Adams says a lot of their business comes from people having emergencies, like fridges that won’t cool or washing machines overflowing, so losing their phones is a significant problem. “If the phones are not ringing, by being a call center, we’re not generating revenue,” said Adams. During the time their phones weren’t working, Adams says they estimate they lost between $1,500 and $2,000 per day. Store management says they got to work trying to contact Astound, but had limited success.

People and businesses are still reporting issues with their internet, cable, and phone service as a result of the switch from WOW! to Astound. Astound publishes a statement on clients experiencing cable and internet outages. ] B&M Electronics’ owners noticed anything peculiar last Wednesday. “The phones stopped ringing, and everything became really silent,” observed Bertel Adams, proprietor of B&M Electronics.


  • “This is telling me, ‘look, something’s going on that’s not great. Don’t stay on that boat, get off now,’” said Adams. “So this is my opportunity to get off the ship. I won’t let them take me down that path again with all my eggs in one basket. It won’t happen again.” On Tuesday, we received a statement from Astound Broadband saying as of Tuesday afternoon, their network is stable and working as intended, though they are working with people who still have issues. Astound officials say they’re working on plans to thank customers for their patience during the transition. We requested an interview with Astound to ask what caused the outage and to find out what their current status is, but they didn’t respond.

  • “Pretty much on hold for hours,” said Adams. “The longest I can remember was at least a couple hours on one call, and we never made a connection.” To get by, they pushed customers to email or text them, and they started using more cell phones. On Tuesday, their phone service came back, and store management says they are working to make up for the time they lost. They say the experience is making them question if they want to stay with Astound.