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At the time, Li said NIO was merely in the research phase, but its goal was to provide a branded phone that can easily integrate with its EVs and provide a holistic system to customers. Furthermore, the NIO chief named the long-rumored Apple Car as a major competitor and reason for the automaker’s decision to explore phones in anticipation of its arrival.

Chinese EV automaker NIO is the subject of an ongoing flood of rumours about what it will be producing next. We’ve compiled the most recent information, as well as the automaker’s rumoured intentions for a new brand aimed at producing EVs priced between $15,000 and $30,000, in response to reports earlier this year that NIO will be developing its own phones. We will skip some of the customary background information and open the door to the NIO rumour mill because there is a lot of unfolding going on here. The Chinese automaker was verified to be investigating the idea of creating its own mobile phones, according to NIO CEO William Li, who confirmed the news in March of last year.


  • In addition to the latest phone news, Chinese outlets are reporting that NIO is developing a third EV-centric brand, aiming to deliver vehicles at its lowest prices yet. For a year now, there have been murmurs of a second, mass-market brand to join the NIO family, code named ALPS. That brand has been been confirmed and is progressing with the goal of delivering EVs in China priced between RMB 150,000-300,000 (~$22-$44k) starting in mid-2024. According to a report from 36 Krypton out of China, NIO has already been working on a third sub-brand, code named Project Firefly to deliver EVs to serve the low-mid EV segment.

  • According to a recent Weibo post from blogger “Toner says battery is not fat” (translated from Chinese), William Li sat down for a face to face chat and shared some new details of the NIO phone: The NIO mobile phone will not have a folding or curved screen and be a candy bar design. It will arrive as the best mobile phone to matches NIO’s EV. It will be”the beautiful mobile phone” will share the same colors as its vehicles. Will use chips about two months after the first adopters. CnEVPost points out the first NIO Phone could utilize a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip based on timeline


NIO, ALPS, and Firefly will all operate independently with their R&D pipelines and core teams. The EVs to arrive under the third marque are expected to cost between RMB 100,000-200,000 ($~15-$30k), the Chinese outlet compared the tiered branding strategy to Lexus, Toyota, and Suzuki, covering multiple segments and price points. NIO would not comment to confirm the third EV brand and this point, but we will be sure to report back when things solidify and we learn more. Keep in mind that these remain rumors until NIO confirms. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.


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