PCB design for the Nvidia RTX 4000 series has leaked, along with an AIB development calendar indicating a September release

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Back in March, Igor Wallossek from Igor’s LAB was making some predictions based on leaked Nvidia RTX 4000-series PCB schematics, and it looked like Team Green could be reusing the current RTX 3090 Ti designs for the next gen cards in order to make it more cost effective for partners to release the upcoming Ada Lovelace models. In the meantime, other leaks emerged citing estimated release dates for the next gen cards, and now Igor has updated the previous PCB schematics with new info allegedly included with a development schedule coming from an unnamed Nvidia AIB partner.

The PCB design for the Nvidia RTX 4000-series has leaked, coupled with an AIB development timetable that indicates to a September release. The RTX 4000-series might see mass production as early as August. (Photo courtesy of Igor’s LAB) The RTX 4000-series might see mass production as early as August. (Photo courtesy of Igor’s LAB.) Igor’s LAB demonstrates a PCB design for non-Ti RTX 4090 / 4080 SKUs. It has a 16-pin power connection, just like the v-shaped PCBs that were leaked in March, but it doesn’t guarantee the SKUs that use it will have 600 W TDPs. The most recent rumour also contains an AIB development plan, indicating that the first cards might be released in September.


  • As noted by Videocardz, the RTX 4000-series will once again make use of two PCB designs. There is the PG139 model with a V-shaped cutout that will be used for Founders Edition models and certain premium custom designs, and there is a PG136 variant with a rectangular PCB, which is included with Igor’s latest report. This will supposedly be used by more affordable SKUs, like the non-Ti models. The schematics reveal a similar capacitor / memory layout from the PG139 model, plus four display connectors which may include the new DisplayPort 2.0 outputs.

  • Igor was careful not to divulge the identity of those who supplied the new schematics. He received pictures of a real PCB, but could not publish these without blurring all the serial numbers sprinkled across the board, so Igor thought it best to overlay a schematic of the new board on top of the design released in March.

Igor’s latest report includes additional hints regarding the release of the new RTX 4000-series cards, as well. The month of June is dedicated to rectifying the bill of materials and the validation tests for the upcoming GPUs, while the first working samples should be available in mid-July and this is when some more performance leaks could start to pop up. Early August is supposed to bring the final source BIOS, and mass production could begin in late August.

There is also the NV-Link connector on the top left, leading us to believe that this PCB is to be used only for RTX 4090 models, since this type of connector is currently included solely with RTTX 3090 cards. The exact TDP of the new cards is still a mystery, with some sources citing up to 600 W and others suggesting only 450 W. The PG136 PCB features the 16-pin power connector, so Nvidia could theoretically push the TDP to 600 W, but probably only on some premium custom designs or maybe a new Titan model.

Based on this information, a late September / early October launch window would make more sense, yet this could be for the more affordable RTX 4080 cards that were previously rumored to launch after the RTX 4090 models.


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