Particularly on a new TV, Xbox Cloud Gaming is much better value than PlayStation Plus Deluxe

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Meanwhile, Microsoft’s platform launched cloud gaming in the country for the first time, along with the ability to play games on Samsung’s new 2022 televisions without a console. No additional fee is necessary for the increased services. So which should you spend your money on? I’ve been trying out both for over a week now and here are my thoughts. Sony unveils new brand as it looks to expand gaming reach beyond PlayStation consoles.

Review: PlayStation Plus Deluxe is substantially more expensive than Xbox Cloud Gaming, especially when using a new television. The big names in gaming have recently released new features, but only one is worthwhile. Image source: Getty Images. The addition of additional features to both the Xbox GamePass and PlayStation Plus membership systems over the past several weeks has been a windfall for gamers in Aotearoa. With the old service being rebranded as Essential and new Extra and Deluxe tiers being added here at a premium charge, the latter introduced new tiers for the first time.


  • In fact I felt the new PlayStation tiers punished me for my behaviour in buying titles when they were released. Those new to Sony will get access to the likes of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Marvel’s Spider-man Miles Morales and Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut, which already cost me a pretty packet when I bought them. It means I’m left picking my way through games I haven’t bought before, games I’ve never been interested in or were already available as part of the PlayStation Plus Collection already.

  • I’m an old-school PlayStation fan, from the very first generation up to paying a premium for a new PS5 on the internet as none were available in shops, so it might come as some surprise – not least to me – to admit that if I had to pick just one then I’d be giving all of my money to Xbox. While Sony took a step forward with its new tiers, GamePass simply took a giant leap instead. It’s everything I want from a gaming subscription service, with ease of use and functionality that blew me away.

At least until the launch of cloud gaming for the PS5 which has very quickly become the standout feature of Xbox’s GamePass Ultimate. To give Sony some credit, I did get a good deal to convert the remaining time on the Essential plan to the Deluxe plan, but short of launching its own game streaming service in Aotearoa before renewal in November, I’m likely to drop back to the basic offering.

Even the addition of Ubisoft classics is a bit underwhelming given I bought so many of them before and have no interest in playing them again. It’s not that the new PlayStation tiers are bad – they’re not. I suspect non-hardcore gamers are going to get access to plenty of games that will keep them happy for months, if not years. Unfortunately for $24.95 per month the options just don’t quite stack up for me. And with Sony ruling out day one releases of new titles – which is very much part of Xbox’s selling point for its $19.99 per month subscription – I can’t see myself paying that long term.


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