Pandemic’s Impact on Voluntary Fire Fighting Includes Finance, Labor | News, sports, work

A donation fireman’s boot can be found on the counter of the Old Lycoming Township Fire Company Friday Fish Fry at the Old Lycoming Township Fire Hall. KAREN VIBERT-KENNEDY / Sun-Gazette

DuBoistown Fire Department Social Hall, like most – if not all – firehouse social rooms across the Commonwealth, has been dark for a year, since COVID 19 cases began to emerge in Pennsylvania.

“There have been no salt rents, no raffles, no fundraisers since last March,” Fire Chief Paul McKinley said last week.

“The fundraising probably brings about 45 percent of the annual budget,” he said. That money is gone and will never be recovered until conditions allow the fire brigade company to safely open their social room again, he added.

“We had to find ways to find the money to replace it. We had to transfer money from our general fund that we would use to buy fire trucks and other equipment,” he said, adding that these projects are now being rejected due to the money set aside for it. the equipment must be used to recover what has been lost.

“We may have to do without some of our essential items,” McKinley said.

“The fundraiser brought in $ 45,000 and $ 55,000, and that’s gone,” he said. “This is a huge part of our budget. That money could be used to replace turnout equipment, truck replacement, truck repairs; firehouse …