own a iPhone from Apple? Because this month is probably a good time to sell it

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Although that’s great news for anyone who is thinking about upgrading their current Apple-powered smartphone it’s not so good for those wanting to make some money by selling what’s already in their pocket. It’s well known that older devices always lose a bit of value as soon as something fresh is announced and one trade-in site is warning that 2022 could also see current iPhone prices plummet. SellCell, which offers customers in the US an easy way to get rid of their old devices, says it has analysed data for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 with owners getting far less for these call makers once the iPhone 13 was announced last September.

Owners of iPhones who want to get the greatest price for their handset should think about selling it now because prices may drop in a month. We use your sign-up to better understand you and to deliver content in ways you’ve authorised. According to our understanding, this may involve advertisements from us and third parties. You are always free to unsubscribe. More details On the yearly technology calendar, it signifies one thing that September is almost here: A new iPhone is soon to be released by Apple! The US company has a history of releasing flashy updates in the fall, and 2022 appears to be no different with rumours abounding that an iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro will Apple unveiled at a keynote the following year.


  • According to SellCell’s data, iPhone values will plummet the closer we get to the iPhone 14 launch. Once Apple has conducted its annual September unveiling, previous generation iPhone value will drop even further and that could leave owners seriously out of pocket. Of course, selling your iPhone now when we don’t know what new features are coming to the next generation of Apple devices is a huge risk but it might be one worth taking if you want to the ultimate price for what’s currently in your pocket.

  • In fact, according to SellCell, the iPhone 12 Pro Max lost a whopping $220 (£180) in value during September 2021. The trade-in site’s data also revealed that while not all iPhone models lost the same percentage value, every one of them saw depreciation during that month. Anyone thinking of taking delivery of the new iPhone 14 and wants to get the best price for their current Apple smartphone should definitely consider trading in sooner rather than later as the difference in value could be significant.

“However, looking at past trends with Apple, SellCell has identified the point at which an iPhone will lose even more of its value, so owners can avoid that value drop if they trade in shrewdly, and don’t hang fire for too long.


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