Over the past year, business has been booming and has changed | News

  Over the past year, business has been booming and has changed |  News

The Polka Dot Cupcake, 919 N. Sixth St., was cautious about its opening.

Although new businesses continued to start through the pandemic, not all survived. And more came as people were able to do more.


  • For seven years, it was a home business for mother Suzan Woodke and daughter Chloe Scott. And after they acquired the building, they still took wholesale orders and did Easter orders through Facebook.

  • The owners could afford to go slowly because they had already built up a clientele and business model before they bought the former Blue Door bakery building in early 2020.

They officially opened their doors at the start of January, and regular customers and people from out of town began coming immediately.

The women planned to open up fully in May 2020. Instead, they delayed until the end of October, having a soft opening and filling holiday orders.

But the grand opening of a Planet Fitness on March 30 in what was once the Sears store at Logansport Mall seemed to be the restart of the growth.

Before that, only Dunham’s Sports remained in the mall.

The public’s response to the new workout center was great, said Alex Baker, the CCO for the Planet Fitness Baker Group franchise of Planet Fitness sites. The mall has gone through a lot of changes this year, as Chicago developer Joe DiCosola began the demolition on Jan. 18, changing it into The Junction at Logansport.

The plans are to remove the southern part of the mall, turning it from a walking mall into a strip shopping center with an overall theme. DiCosola bought the mall on Feb. 18, 2020, but the pandemic slowed plans and retailers were cautious about opening new stores.

He said one business seems committed to being in the renovated shopping area, and others have expressed interest. But for now, his Park Development company, based out of Chicago, and his 3900 East Market Street LLC, which is the mall business itself, are concentrating on removing the south part, which began the first week of August.

April 3 was the official reopening of The Record Farm, which moved from its longtime home at 317 E. Market St., next to the State Theatre, to the new building, 430 E. Broadway. Husband and wife Matt and Katya Swisher bought the building around the end of 2020.

The downtown has seen the start of what looks like a rebirth as businesses moved in or expanded. The old becomes new again