Over 111 million Switch consoles have been sold by Nintendo

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When you look at all of the video game hardware that Nintendo has sold, that puts the Switch at number three all-time, as the Game Boy sold a total of 118.69 million units over time. So it’s reasonable to assume that Switch will move into the number two position sometime in the next year or so. For those curious, Nintendo provides data for all of its hardware, including the Game Boy Advance with 81.51 million units, GameCube (21.74 million), Nintendo 64 (32.93 million), SNES (49.10 million), and NES (61.91 million).

Posted in Games with 16 on August 4, 2022 by Paul Thurrott. I was seeking for this information in Nintendo’s most recent quarterly numbers, but it is already known that the Switch console has been purchased by more than 111 million people. Nintendo has sold 111.08 million Switch systems worldwide since the device’s launch, according to a recent filing relating to those numbers. Comparatively, the Nintendo DS sold 154.02 million copies, the Wii 101.63 million, the 3DS 75.94 million, and the Wii U 13.56 million.


  • I love their transparency as well. It can still be argued that Nintendo is on a slide, if you consider that at their height the Wii and DS combined sold 255.65 million units. The Switch is really the replacement for both the handheld and the home console business. So they are less than half the combined sales of the biggest generation they have ever had. That being said, I think they have two or three more years of switch sales, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they get close to 200 million total. I do agree with the Nintendo leadership that another hit following the Switch is going to be a challenge.

  • Nintendo also provides data about its software sales. For example, Switch titles have sold 863.59 million units, placing them behind only the Wii (921.85 million) and Nintendo DS (948.76 million).

The Switch can be docked and used with a TV. It’s also multi-user, like a console. It’s not just a portable. But this is just about explaining what it is quickly. Everyone understands “console.” I can’t just use “portable,” I’d have to write something like “videogame system” or whatever. Also, Wikipedia: “The Nintendo Switch is a video game console…” team Deck to the portable console category also. And to be cheeky, to the “year of the Linux desktop” category because that is what it in fact is.

The Switch is a brilliant device that took Nintendo’s strength in handhelds and used it to strengthen their peaks and valleys console business. I’ve loved Nintendo’s handhelds forever but due to timing, finances, and other responsibilities, I never bought one. I feel weird about that. I have considered buying one a few times, as recent as this year. Switch is getting long in the tooth but I get the impression it may be here to stay for a while yet.


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