Oppo X 2021 rolling display phone might not be available to buy anytime soon

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Oppo recently unveiled its first mobile display phone called X 2021. The name indicates that the device may be available on the markets within the next year, but that may not happen. The company confirmed that it has no plans to launch the X 2021 commercially in the near term, which may disappoint people who were looking at Oppo’s new futuristic device. Oppo said it may take some time for the company to roll out the device in the markets, but when that will happen isn’t immediately clear.

In a statement to the Android Authority, Oppo said: “While there is no plan for its commercialization in the short term, it will serve as a guide for the transformation and evolution of future product form factors. Marketing requires market research and commercial justifications and may take some time. “By marketing, Oppo means bringing the X 2021 mobile display device to markets for consumers to buy, but because it uses new technology, it may not be widely available anyway.

The Oppo X 2021 has a 6.7-inch display that expands to a size of 7.4-inches, in a mechanism that involves moving the hardware into what could be an action directly from a science fiction film. The display uses a motorized scrolling mechanism which helps the display unfold to get bigger. The software has also been tweaked so that it adapts to the new screen size on the fly without showing any stutter or a blank screen. This is a new technology that would require a large investment for mass production.

Oppo may be on hold because it wants to test the durability of this display. The display will undergo changes several times a day when it becomes a commercial product, which is why Oppo wants to make sure the flexible display stays intact longer. The Oppo X 2021 is equipped with a plastic screen, very similar to those used by other folding devices. For sturdiness, Oppo used the hard cover on the display. The display used on the concept phone is manufactured by BOE. Oppo may ask BOE to increase the lifespan of this display.

After reviewing everything, Oppo will decide when it wants to enter the markets with its futuristic device to finally take on foldable phone companies like Samsung and Motorola. Additionally, South Korean company LG is also working on a device that will feature a rollable display, just like it has its own rollable TV. It has registered a few names for this device, including LG Roll, but a launch date and confirmed name for this device are not yet confirmed.

Oppo X 2021 is equipped with a sliding display which normally has a size of 6.7 inches but when extended it becomes 7.4 inches.

News Underline:

  • Oppo said it has no future plans for the commercial launch of X 2021.
  • The Oppo X 2021 was recently unveiled as a concept phone.
  • The X 2021 has a 6.7-inch display that extends to a 7.4-inch display.

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