Oppo to unveil concept phone with rollable display at tomorrow’s INNO Day

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The Oppo Inno Day technology conference will be held tomorrow, November 17th, where Oppo will showcase some of its latest technological innovations. One such innovation that will be unveiled tomorrow is Oppo’s concept phone with a rollable display. The company shared a teaser on Weibo showing the first glimpse of this device, but switching to this teaser doesn’t give the full picture. By this I mean exactly what this device will look like with its rollable display in action.

The teaser that Oppo shared shows the rimmed display extending beyond the frame. But how long this display is or how it will fit is unclear from this teaser. The display has a 3D curved edge on the left side but I’m not sure the right side has curved edges as well. This may be true because a curved edge on the extendable side of the display is totally possible. Oppo will disclose more details during the launch of this concept phone.

Oppo will also explain how this display works, but we may have an idea of ​​some renderings of the concept phone. According to some leaked renders, the phone’s display will retract upward, which will extend the display to make it nearly double the size. This technology could be very similar to what LG is doing to its rollable display phone under development. This may be called LG Roll but there are at least five other names the South Korean company may end up giving its device.

As for the Oppo concept phone, it will only be for viewing at tomorrow’s event. The phone might get its name as well, but that’s unlikely, at least until the company has a date for the device’s commercial launch. Oppo could take up to a year to introduce this device to the markets. Last year, it ousted under-display camera technology that has yet to make its debut on a commercial device. Although another phone company ZTE has launched this technology on the world’s first such phone.

Oppo will also be presenting its first AR glasses at tomorrow’s conference. The company is advertising that these smart glasses will be comfortable to wear. These smart glasses could be equipped with different sensors and at least four cameras that will be designated for different purposes, including creating augmented reality filters. Snap’s Spectacles 3 carries two cameras on the front that record 1080p video and allow users to apply various filters.

Oppo will be phasing out many of its products and these include the concept phone with a rollable screen.

News Underline:

  • Oppo will organize its INNO Day technology conference tomorrow.
  • It will present its concept phone with a rollable display.
  • Oppo will also be presenting its AR glasses tomorrow at the event.

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