Oppo shows off X 2021 rollable concept phone, AR Glass 2021

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Oppo has unveiled its new phone concept that features a rollable screen that turns your regular smartphone into a tablet-sized device when the full screen is visible. This concept device is called X 2021 and according to Oppo it is the result of months of research and development that it has carried out on flexible displays. At the INNO Day tech conference, the Chinese company showed how the mechanism works on what may be our first look at such a device. Oppo also showed its AR Glass 2021 at the event.

The Oppo X 2021 belongs to the premium category of devices that Oppo has traditionally shown on INNO Day. Last year, it was the under-camera technology that would come on an Oppo phone, although that didn’t happen after the reveal. Likewise, the Oppo X 2021 is just a concept phone right now that could take more than a year to be commercially available. However, Oppo has hinted that this phone could be launched next year as the name suggests the year 2021.

According to Oppo, the X 2021 uses the regular 6.7-inch OLED display when used in the smartphone form factor, but when the display is extended – pulled to one side – it becomes a tablet with a total display space. 7.4 inches. This tablet is square in shape and will be useful for certain purposes, including media consumption. Oppo claimed to have developed a new powertrain, structural plate and laminated screen for this new phone, which will facilitate the operation the company explained. These components will ensure that this device remains durable.

However, Oppo did not specify how long this device will last. For example, it was not said how many times it is possible to extend the view. Display quality isn’t something Oppo talked about to indicate the level of durability that can be expected from this device. From what we saw on the Galaxy Fold, the first model turned out to be a disaster when it comes to durability. This could have been the benchmark for Oppo to make its concept phone as durable as possible for use in the real world.

When the screen is extended, part of the phone detaches from the mainframe. This part is separated in a visually appealing way, including an oblique cut between the two parts. The slim part has the four-camera setup, the details of which are currently unclear. Since the bottom edge will be forked in two, the USB-C port for charging is not in the center – it is located on the far right under the thin part. The buttons on this phone are positioned like on regular smartphones, so perhaps there hasn’t been a problem with their placement.

Before Oppo, TCL showed its rollable display phone prototype, but that prototype was not functional. It had a paper screen that could not give the kind of results that the real Oppo X 2021 concept phone is showing. And while there is no certainty about TCL’s phone, Oppo could launch this concept phone as a commercial device, thanks to the experience that the company has on the smartphone market. To remind you, Oppo has unveiled some of the revolutionary technologies present in the smartphone market.

LG is also making a rollable display phone which could be called LG Roll. The company hasn’t detailed what this phone will look like, but there are several patents that give us an idea of ​​what can be expected from this device.

Oppo also announced the launch of its first AR glasses at the INNO Day event. Oppo’s new smart glasses bring the power of Augmented Reality to enable various features. The first time we saw these glasses was last year, but it was also a concept device.

Oppo says its new AR glasses are 75% lighter than last year’s model. The AR glasses use a 0.71-inch birdbath-type OLED panel for the optics. The glasses also have stereo fisheye cameras meant for gesture recognition, distance measurement using the ToF sensor and a conventional RGB camera. Oppo AR glasses can be connected to Find X2 smartphones using the USB-C port to use the phone’s CPU resources.

We’re not sure when these two devices will launch or if they ever will. But based on Oppo’s track record, these two seem extremely possible to come to the markets. Oppo had previously shown its smartwatch and 30W wireless charging in previous versions of the INNO Day conferences and these two technologies have hit the market.

Oppo showed its latest concept devices it could bring to markets, including X 2021 and AR Glass 2021.

News Underline:

  • Oppo showed the foldable X 2021 phone with rollable display.
  • The rollable display extends from inside the device onto the X 2021.
  • Oppo also unveiled the AR Glasses smart glasses at the event.

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