Oppo could soon launch tablets and laptops to take on Xiaomi, Huawei

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Oppo could soon enter the PC and tablet market. The Chinese company is reportedly planning to expand its portfolio which currently includes smartphones, wearables and smart TVs. Oppo is poised to introduce a wide range of tablets that will carry high-level specs across all price segments, making the tablet market much more attractive. Oppo’s laptops will also disrupt the PC market.

According to a report from a famous whistleblower who passes Digital Chat Station on Weibo, Oppo plans to diversify its product portfolio. Oppo is an old name in the world of technology, but so far it has focused a lot on smartphones. Lately, the company has begun to oust audio products, including neckbands and wireless earbuds. It then launched its first smartwatch and, finally, smart television. PCs and tablets are still untapped by Oppo.

At this point, there isn’t much available about what Oppo is planning. The specs and launch timing are also not available at this time, which is why readers are advised to take this news with a pinch of salt. But considering Oppo is moving fast regarding its product launch, perhaps we see Oppo’s first laptop and tablet as early as next year.

During the launch of its first smart television, Oppo said it will “focus on three key application scenarios: personal entertainment; Appliance and Furniture; and Sport and health; and will gradually develop its IoT product line around these themes. ”While tablets and laptops aren’t exactly IoT products, they will play a pivotal role in building the entire ecosystem for Oppo’s IoT products, including the Oppo Watch and Oppo Smart TV.

Furthermore, if Oppo is planning to launch tablets and laptops, we could see OnePlus and Realme enter the two spaces with their own products. Interestingly, of the three, Oppo was the last to launch televisions but could be the first to launch products in the two categories that will catapult Oppo into the neck-and-neck competition with Xiaomi and Huawei in China, India and other major markets.

Xiaomi launched its laptops earlier this year in India after a long wait. It has brought more models into the series, including the latest e-learning edition of its cheapest laptop to cater to students who are going more online to study than ever. Huawei has yet to make its official entry into the PC market in India, but it does sell its tablets in India.

Oppo is rumored to be working on new product categories of laptops and tablets that its competitors began offering years ago.

News Underline:

  • Oppo is rumored to work on tablets and laptops now.
  • There is no information on when the two products will be released.
  • If Oppo is launched, perhaps OnePlus and Realme will also bring their own products.

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