Oppo AR Glasses teased for November 17 launch, might bring four cameras onboard

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Oppo will hold its INNO Day 2020 conference on November 17th, where it will present some of its future projects, including AR glasses. Augmented Reality-powered smart glasses are something Oppo has been working on, which it will unveil tomorrow in Shenzhen, China. Oppo shared a poster showing the design of the Oppo AR glasses. We can see a number of sensors on the smartglasses that Oppo will announce but don’t expect these hi-tech glasses to be immediately available for purchase. These will likely be a prototype that Oppo could launch much later.

Oppo INNO Day 2020 is the company’s future tech conference held annually, just like those of Google, Samsung, Huawei and Apple. Oppo quickly made it to the frontier of the tech world where it launched some of the best tech innovations that other companies will introduce later. Oppo AR glasses are one of the many innovations that the company’s research and development departments have worked on so far. Previously, Oppo was supposed to launch FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology, a full-link color management system.

In its poster, Oppo said its AR glasses will offer a comfortable viewing experience, but it is currently unclear how this will be achieved. There will be two cameras on the front, very similar to Snap’s Spectacles 3 cameras. One of these two cameras may have an AR sensor that will offer various filters and features that can be applied to the normal scenario. The Oppo AR glasses will reportedly have spatial audio recording with multiple microphones, 3D surround sound, and support for voice interaction among others.

The first example of Oppo’s focus on IoT products was revealed at last year’s INNO Day conference. Oppo revealed that it is working on augmented reality glasses that will have four lenses. Among these lenses will be a ToF lens to measure distances, an RGB lens to capture the shapes of objects and map them, and two fisheye lenses for imaging. All four objectives could lead to the Oppo AR eyewear that the company will present tomorrow at its INNO Day.

In addition, Oppo will also show its ambitious smartphone with a rollable display. The company has released a teaser to showcase a few pieces of this device, but its main attraction is pretty obvious. It has long been rumored that the Chinese company was working on the foldable device that will help Oppo flex its muscles against Samsung and Motorola. Both Samsung and Motorola have launched foldable display phones, but LG is the only brand that is reportedly working on rollable displays. LG may end up calling it LG Roll but there are plenty of other names on the list.

Oppo has announced that it will be presenting AR-based smart glasses at the INNO Day conference to be held on November 17th.

News Underline:

  • Oppo will present its AR-based smartglasses tomorrow at its INNO Day.
  • The Oppo AR goggles were teased on Weibo before the launch.
  • Oppo could include four sensors on smartglasses.

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