Oppo 125W fast charger may launch in Q1 next year

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Oppo could finally roll out its 125W fast charging technology to the masses in the first quarter of next year. The Chinese company unveiled the fast-charging technology in July, but has said nothing more than to explain what this technology is and how it will guarantee the touted power output. I mean, then Oppo didn’t say anything about the launch date. But we’re getting what may be a tentative timeline for the debut of the 125W Flash Charge, albeit unofficially.

According to Digital Chat Station which turned to Weibo to share the suggestion, the Oppo 125W fast charging technology will be available in the first quarter of 2021. This means that it could be launched between January and March. This would also mean that the company has finally been able to develop the necessary components for the power brick and the cable that will transmit that type of power to the Oppo device. According to the company, 125W fast charging not only requires a revised adapter, but the charging cable and battery must also be redesigned to fit the fast charging method.

We also don’t know which device will be the first to receive 125W fast charging. The 65W fast charging technology was unveiled on the Reno Ace series phone, but the company later decided to separate the Ace brand from the series. Reno to give it its own identity. Perhaps the 125W fast charging solution will debut on another Ace series device that Oppo could work on. We don’t know about that device yet. It could be one of the Find X3 series phones that is likely to launch in February next year.

Oppo’s 125W Flash Charge technology is a significant upgrade over 65W charging, cutting the charging time for a 4000mAh battery by almost half. Oppo claims that its 125W flash charge needs a two-cell design for “optimal charging efficiency”, along with the battery’s discharge capacity of 6C, which is double the previous standard of 3C. The 125W Flash Charge technology is supported by the USB-C to USB-C charging cable, which is different from the USB-A to USB-C cable used for the current 65W fast charging method. 128-bit encryption has also been added to prevent security risks.

Realme has also launched its 125W fast charging technology borrowed from Oppo. Its launch plans have yet to be announced.

Oppo unveiled the 125W Flash Charge technology back in July, but did not indicate any launch timeline.

News Underline:

  • Oppo could launch 125W Flash Charge technology within the first quarter of next year.
  • Oppo had unveiled this technology in July with all the details.
  • The 125W flash charge is a significant upgrade over the 65W fast charge.

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