Only today you can get the Razer Kishi Android Game Controller for $ 45!

Only today you can get the Razer Kishi Android Game Controller for $ 45!

The Razer Kishi Android controller usually retails for $80, but thanks to this early Black Friday deal, you can get it for just $45, a whopping 44% discount from its normal price. Meanwhile, the Kishi controller for iPhone is seeing a 40% drop in its price and can be had for just $60. The controller + earphones and controller + Universal Grip Tape bundles are on sale too.

Picking up a gaming smartphone like the ASUS ROG Phone 5S is your best bet if you want to take your smartphone gaming to the next level. Alternatively, you can get Razer’s Kishi gaming controller. If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on this fantastic mobile controller, you’ll be happy to learn that it’s currently on sale. One of the greatest smartphone gaming controllers available is the Razer Kishi. It’s strong, light, and provides excellent tactile feedback.


  • The Razer Kishi is compatible with all major cloud gaming services, including Xbox Cloud Gaming, Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now, Steak Link, and Amazon Luna. While the controller works with many popular smartphones on the market, it may not fit some larger phones, so make sure to check the required dimensions before hitting that “Buy Now” button.

  • The Razer Kishi is a telescopic gaming controller that works with most, if not all, modern smartphones. It connects through your phone’s USB Type-C port, thus ensuring a latency-free experience, unlike Bluetooth controllers. It has two clickable analog thumbsticks, an 8-way D-pad, two triggers (L2/R2), two bumpers (L1R1), and three function buttons. As we noted in our review, the controller is quite lightweight and solidly built, and the buttons provide nice tactile feedback. It also has the passthrough USB-Type C port, allowing you to charge your phone while gaming.