One gang used a modified iPhone camera to hack Ramsgate and Broadstairs ATMs to get cards, according to court documents

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Attaul Qayyum, of London, is said to have helped transform ATMs in Ramsgate and Broadstairs into potential money spinning traps The 22-year-old stands trial at Canterbury Crown Court after denying possession of articles for the use of fraud. His co-defendants Thinumenan Ganelshalingam, 24, of Mitcham and Tharan Yogeswaran, 25, of Gillingham, pleaded guilty to the same charge at an early opportunity. Residents raised the alarm after their cards became jammed inside the cash points, before one victim discovered a concealed iPhone camera recording the pin pad.

A court heard that a group rigged cash machines with high-tech equipment to grab bank cards and record the owner’s pin number on iPhone cameras. As part of a “sophisticated” ploy, Attaul Qayyum of London is reported to have assisted in the conversion of ATMs in Ramsgate and Broadstairs into possible money spinning traps. Attaul Qayyum, a London-based hacker, is believed to have assisted in the conversion of ATMs in Ramsgate and Broadstairs into money-laundering machines.


  • The scam came to light when Daniel Edwards attempted to withdraw money from a machine in the Co-op in Broadstairs High Street during the early evening on August 21, 2020. “He pressed the button to withdraw £20, the card didn’t come out and money didn’t come out,” prosecutor Samantha Wright said. As the machine displayed an ‘out of order’ sign Mr Edwards immediately cancelled the card and suffered no financial losses, the court heard. Meanwhile, a 15-year-old girl would suffer the same fate at a machine in Co-op in Grange Road, Ramsgate, just over an hour later.

  • A timer and miniature iPod Nano – designed to store the elicit footage – were also connected to the “improvised recording device,” the court heard. The camera system had been fastened to a narrow, thin, 15 cm long piece of metal, designed to look like part of the cashpoint. The gang are alleged to have used iPhone cameras to steal card details Stock picture
    The gang are alleged to have used iPhone cameras to steal card details Stock picture. When PC Proctor examined the gadget it showed the moment Ganelshalingam and Yogeswaran fitted the camera onto a cash machine, followed by their victim entering her pin number.

Harriet Dobson discovered a concealed iPhone camera attached to a strip of metal pointing at the pin-entry pad and alerted the police. “On the device was a timer counting up and it was showing 17 minutes when it was handed to the police officer,” the prosecutor said. “This is quite a sophisticated operation,” she continued. The court heard an eye-witness who saw the group leaving the scene alerted police to the Lexus Qayyum was driving. Liz Truss to discuss Britons’ death sentences with Ukraine counterpart. Foreign Office minister meets with Brazilian chief of police over missing Briton.

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After inserting her card it “wouldn’t come out again,” the prosecutor explained, adding one eagle-eyed witness intervened as the machine also displayed “out of order.”

Court hearing from criminal prosecution into Croydon tram crash. Officers stopped him as he headed towards London along the M2 and discovered a number of stolen bank cards and various tools used for fraud inside the vehicle, and the trio were arrested. During a police interview Qayyum said he was “completely shocked” the paraphernalia was found inside his vehicle. He denied any knowledge of the criminal activity and explained he was merely the driver during a “lad’s day to the beach,” Ms Wright continued.


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