Once again available at Apple Store are renovated Mac Studios

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The base model refurbished Mac Studio starts at $1,799 and features the M1 Max chip with 10-core CPU and 24-core GPU, 32GB unified memory and 512GB SSD. Going refurbished can save around $200 when compared to the brand new price of $1,999. Concerning Apple, the company knows how to refurbish a product. Apple states that every refurbished Mac is cleaned, tested and repackaged in a new box with a power cord and manuals. For those looking to save a bit of money, going refurbished is a smart move.

Apple started selling refurbished Mac Studio units last week, but the available stock in the US rapidly ran out. More refurbished Mac Studio units are available for purchase on the Apple online store for those who missed out. There is now a decent assortment of refurbished Mac Studios available. The M1 Max and M1 Ultra Studios, as well as a number of Macs with unique specs and settings, are all available in relation to the M1 processor.


  • Right now, it is incredibly difficult to swap storage. Even iFixit was only able to successfully swap identical storage models from one Mac Studio to another. What makes this puzzling is that the Mac Studio has space that is capable of accommodating proprietary storage. Interestingly, reports from EveryMac suggest that hardware hackers in China have been able to desolder RAM and storage from a MacBook Air M1 and resolder higher capacity RAM and storage. The hackers were able to get macOS to recognize the swap.

  • Additionally, refurbished Apple products are protected by the company’s standard one-year warranty and 14-day return policy. Devices are also eligible for AppleCare+ coverage. For the Mac Studio, AppleCare+ is priced at $169 for three years, or $59.99 annually. The Apple Studio first saw release in March 2022. While many users have fallen in love with the specs, there was some controversy surrounding what the term “modular” means. Mainly, the controversy surrounds attempting to upgrade the storage.

This isn’t to say the Mac Studio isn’t a great buy. With macOS Ventura soon to arrive, an M1 Mac Studio will deliver solid performance for years to come. For those that have an interest, there are still plenty refurbished models available through the official Apple Store.


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