On your Android device, there are 5 great apps / sources for football news

On your Android device, there are 5 great apps / sources for football news

The fans of football all over the globe can see international games and leagues of many countries like EPL, LaLiga, Serie A, etc. And the most popular club football competition UEFA Champions League is also there to entertain the football fanatics. However, because of our busy schedules, it is impossible to watch all the exciting games or even all the matches of the football club you support.

In the world of sports, Football is one of the top players and you would not be wrong if you say it is the number one sport from the list of top sports around the world. Yes, some may argue to deny the immense popularity of this sport. Whatever Football is popular and also known as soccer in some parts of the world.


  • To avoid any confusion of which app or source you should rely on to get your precious football updates we are listing the 5 best apps or sources for you to have any of them on your phone to follow your favorite sport.

  • Nevertheless, you can always get the updates and news of your favorite or league thanks to the internet and modern devices like smartphones. People who do not want to miss any news or live match updates can use their smartphones to know about all the football news and information. Just download any football news app on your device to follow your club and country team as well as other big football news around the world.

The user number of the app is over 10 million so you can imagine its popularity among football lovers. Also, it does not take time to load hence you will have any information quickly with simple taps.

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Here are the top 5 list of Apps for Football News
FotMob is the app that covers almost every possible match update from any competition in the world and the latest news. If you ask me then I would personally recommend anyone to use this platform because it is very user-friendly and the simple nature of this app makes it very comfortable to use.

When you open the app, you can see the list of current matches divided into their respective competition and cups which you can sort by time. Tap to any match that you are interested in and you will get all the live updates like line-up with subs before one hour of the starting time, injury list, formation, venue, match referee, etc. During and after the match you can also check all the goals, assists, cards, player rating, etc as a detailed match result.

The option of selecting your favorite teams and leagues is also there. And by turning on the notification feature, you will get notified with updated matches or breaking news. Apart from that, articles are also there for you to read on transfers, match reports, opinions, etc for teams and competitions. You can participate in polls for matches like who would win the match etc. The detailed information and on-point nature of this app are very rare to any other app or platform and that is a unique thing about it.

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That is another amazing platform for the football news and updates to provide any user the exact information they are looking for. You will find any top leagues or competition in this application and they deliver so many other leagues and cup games from all over the world. Users can get any news from over 150 leagues and cups through this app to get favorable updates. So, if you do not want to miss any live match update of your favorite games then you can use this to know line-ups, goals with the scorer name, red or yellow cards substitutions, etc. Line-ups will be there one hour before the match and if you want all the latest news from the football world then you can get them on your phone.

The live commentary is one of the main attracting parts of the app. The commentary is very engaging and exciting to entertain you enough. But it is not available for all the leagues, big leagues and games will surely have this live commentary so no worry in that part. Also, it fetches many latest news or updates from good sources for you to read which is very pleasant by the way. OneFootball Soccer News

It is not a hard thing to know that Twitter is a social media platform where users can Tweet or Re-Tweet and follow any person or page of their interest. We know the cons of social media and it can impact our lives in various ways. But, if you want to know about the football news and results, Twitter can become very handy and efficient. There are some ways which you can use for getting the best feeds about the world of football and other related information.

Link to Play Store and iOS App Store Any fan can opt out of their favorite teams as all the news regarding those teams will be displayed to them as a priority on their mobile screen to access them. The user experience will not disappoint you if you pick this app to follow football most of the time. Once in a while, it may annoy you with minor delaying or loading issues but they are not a big problem to use effectively.