On Windows 11, Microsoft is testing a useful Game Pass widget

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Windows 11 is supposed to support third-party widgets eventually, but adding Game Pass could be a good way to shake the widgets board up for now and might even help promote the subscription service.  In addition to letting you see which games are coming and going, the new Game Pass widget displays games from certain categories and provides a portal to the Xbox app. Microsoft says it’s working on adding other features to the widget as well, including personalized recommendations and a way for you to sign in to your Xbox account and boot up a recently played game.

The first new Windows 11 widget from Microsoft should make it much simpler to learn which games will be available through PC Game Pass. The widget, which is currently exclusively accessible to Windows Insider testers, is designed to act as a “window” into the service’s game collection, allowing you to view new additions and titles that will soon be retiring. Microsoft’s present offering of widgets in Windows 11 is very constrained, but the addition of a Game Pass widget suggests that the company is experimenting with different programmes (less dull than the weather, a calendar, and the news).


  • If you’re a Windows 11 tester, you can add the Game Pass widget by opening the widget board on your PC and then clicking the “plus” icon beside your user profile. From there, hit the “plus” icon next to Game Pass, and the widget should show up on your board.


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