On Windows 11, Android games just got better

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It’s worth noting that the Android Subsystem already supported controllers for games, but now you can toggle the feature on or off (as well as other options) if you run into problems. Some games and emulators on Android support multiple control options, and now there’s an easy way to troubleshoot and get the best experience possible from the best PC gaming controllers.

Microsoft has worked to improve the Windows Subsystem for Android, allowing a variety of Android games and applications to operate on PCs. Controls and other features have been improved in a recent version that is currently being sent out. There is no significant platform update this time around, unlike the Android 12.1 upgrade that was first released in May, although Microsoft is updating the Windows Subsystem for Android in Windows Insider channels. The update includes additional controls for games and apps, including the ability to enable or disable controller pass-through, WASD key mapping, and keyboard arrow key targeting.


  • Microsoft has also improved scrolling, networking, graphics, and VPNs in the Android layer. It’s not clear when the new update will roll out to everyone on Windows 11, but it will presumably happen once any bugs are fixed. At one of its largest events of 2022, OnePlus just unveiled the OnePlus 10T and the brand-new OxygenOS 13 in New York at 10 AM EDT. Many people had held back their expectations for the following significant software upgrade following the apparently underwhelming release of OxygenOS 12, which OnePlus confessed was not “to a standard that fulfils our own expectations or those of our Community.”


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