On iOS, the Google Search app now has a “Notifications” tab.

On iOS, the Google Search app now has a

That bell icon appears in the top-right corner of Knowledge Panels for sports teams (to get live scores), TV shows (new episode alerts), and movies. Overall, Google says “notifications are only available for some trending topics, like people, places, or things.” At the moment, these updates are delivered as notifications that perform a search upon tapping. Alerts can be ignored or lost in the fray, and Google’s solution is to provide a centralized feed that you can easily return to. It could encourage people to perform searches they might otherwise have forgotten about.

Following the disappearance of Assistant Snapshot on Android, it appears that the Google for iOS app is introducing a “Notifications” page. Home (Discover feed), Collections (saves), and Tabs are the current features of the iPhone and iPad app (for the built-in browser on iOS). Some users are now receiving “Notifications” in the space between the two final sections. Google advises you to: As you search, press the bell to receive updates on the topics that matter to you.


  • We’ve only received one report of this “Notifications” tab in the Google app for iOS, which was empty, as you can see. It’s not appearing on two other devices we checked with version 206.0 this afternoon. It’s not clear whether the Google app on Android would receive something similar.