On Android Automotive, a new Google Maps Alternative It is now available

On Android Automotive, a new Google Maps Alternative It is now available

Steve Jobs’ handpicked successor, as noted, has ever-so-subtlely tilted Apple’s focus away from an over-reliance on hardware sales. He’s built up a huge services business, bringing in recurring revenue for things like Apple TV Plus. He’s also taken Apple deep into health and wellness, via the Apple Watch and services like Apple Fitness Plus. And he’s also made privacy a top priority. Via a push that’s seen Cook emerge as a leading foil of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, while also overseeing a big shift in the way iPhone apps treat customer data.

BGR may receive an affiliate commission if you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website. Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook celebrated his tenth anniversary. And, while he shows no indications of slowing down in his leadership role at Apple any time soon, it’s already evident what kind of legacy he’ll leave for whoever succeeds him. Everything from Apple TV series to wearables is covered. Also relevant is the privacy architecture that powers the App Store’s plethora of iPhone apps.



  • A new research paper out in recent days analyzed two versions of more than 1,700 iOS apps from the UK version of Apple’s App Store. One version from before the rollout of iOS 14, which brought two huge new privacy changes, and one version from after that rollout. That is, after the apps had to comply with the new privacy framework. The two changes included, first, so-called privacy nutrition labels for apps. Which now lets users know, in granular detail, what data an app is collecting from them. Similar to food nutrition labels that give you insight into what ingredients comprise the foods we eat.