On Android Auto, Google Maps no longer makes you feel at home

On Android Auto, Google Maps no longer makes you feel at home

The good news, however, is that not a lot of users have been impacted by this problem, though a full fix to bring things back to normal is yet to be released even today. In the meantime, Android Auto users have discovered a second error affecting Google Maps, and once again, nobody knows exactly what’s going on. This time, it doesn’t break down the app entirely but only some navigation features, as for some reason, Google Maps no longer displays roundabout information correctly on the instrument panel, despite working just fine on the full head unit.

In principle, two software solutions made by the same firm should function seamlessly together, but this isn’t always the case with Google Maps and Android Auto. The information on the instrument panel differs from that on the head unit. Users recently learned that updating the newest version of Android Auto on their phones isn’t necessarily a smart idea, since the process knocked down Google Maps, causing the app to become stuck on the loading route page.


  • A member of the Android Auto unit says the glitch has already been forwarded to the team, but for the time being, there’s obviously no ETA available, so it’s hard to tell if and when this problem is supposed to be resolved. And of course, a full workaround doesn’t exist, though some of the things you could try include downgrading both Google Maps and Android Auto to earlier versions, as this could help figure out if the whole thing has been introduced in a recent update or not.

  • For example, some say Google Maps tells them to exit a roundabout on the same road they use to enter it, while others claim that the roundabout icon that shows up on the screen when approaching it stays on even after passing, often with zero distance. Reports here on Google’s forums suggest the problem is exclusive to Google Maps on Android Auto, as tests conducted in alternative apps like TomTom AmiGO and others have been successful, with everything working correctly.