On Amazon sales day, Amazon-ICICI card fails, ICICI OTP not coming and website is down

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Amazon began its Great Indian Festival sale today with an extravaganza of offers and discounts, but more than these offers, a large chunk of shoppers are drawn to cashback on credit and debit cards. These bank offers are at their most during the pre-festival sales and people want to benefit from their credit or debit cards. But ICICI Bank customers are having a hard time reaping the benefits of their card. ICICI Bank’s servers seem to have crashed causing a myriad of problems, including OTPs not arriving and net banking not working.

TO UPDATE: It seems that the problems are between ICICI services. Not only are transactions failing because OTPs don’t come for debit or credit cards, netbanking services and the iMobile app aren’t working either. The problem seems so serious that even the ICICI website is down and can no longer be accessed. It says “An error occurred while processing your request.”

At midnight today, Amazon kicked off its annual Great Indian Festival sale with cashback and instant discount offers for shoppers with credit and debit cards. These cards come from leading banks, such as the ICICI bank. Amazon offers 5% cashback on its Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card to Prime members, but otherwise, you get 3% if you don’t have Prime membership. To the dismay of all these cardholders, their credit cards wouldn’t work today. A flood of complaints and invective against the ICICI Bank is now flooding the Internet.

But to be sure, we checked the Downdetector.com site where the website talks about outages a website is facing and the ICICI Bank website saw a sharp rise in problems within hours. The graph shows that the problems on the ICICI Bank service started between around 9:00 and 10:00, but the failure rate increased rapidly by noon today. Not only the credit card, but also services such as netbanking, OTP and customer support are heavily affected by the outage.

“Not able to access Internet banking, not able to receive OTPs it seems that icici banking is completely inactive,” said a frustrated user on the Downdetector.com forum. “One of the bank managers says it is because of the floods in Hyderabad. Don’t know what the hell is wrong with their alternate server or not? And do they have one? “said another user of ICICI Bank’s services. Many people are not even sure which telephone support number they should call to contact a customer executive who can help solve their banking problems.

Away from that forum, Twitter is full of complaints about ICICI Bank server problems. “@AmazonIN @ICICIBank_Care my ICIci Amazon OTP payment card will simply not be delivered. Not the best big Indian sale, is it? I hope I don’t lose my business, ”said one of the hundreds of ICICI Bank customers who were unable to purchase their favorite discounted product that Amazon is currently selling.

The biggest problem people face with ICICI Bank is with the OTP. Customers complain that they do not receive OTPs even after several attempts. The IVR OTP option doesn’t work for them either, due to which their payments fail on Amazon. The fear that their favorite product will go out of stock is real and it seems that the fault lies with ICICI Bank.

Despite numerous complaints, ICICI Bank has not yet acknowledged the matter. It has yet to provide a formal statement as to why the bank’s highly used services are not accessible, especially on a day when a huge portion of India’s online shoppers are busy getting their favorite deal.

ICICI bank is facing a massive outage on the day of the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale, where you get up to 5% refund with your partner’s credit card. All his services are concerned.

News Underline:

  • ICICI Bank’s servers are facing an outage where even the OTP does not arrive.
  • Several customers have also complained of continuing problems with netbanking.
  • Amazon offers up to 5% cashback on its ICICI credit card during the sale.

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