Olympics-qualified boxer distressed as Covid-19 steals preparation opportunities

Dubbed Little Chicken, Duong made history by beating Thai Chatchai Decha Butdee in the Tokyo Olympic qualifiers in the 57kg category in Jordan last March and becoming the first Vietnamese boxer to qualify for the sporting event in 33 years.

But the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic has taken a huge emotional and psychological toll on the 25-year-old boxer. He admitted he is struggling to make ends meet after local and international tournaments have been postponed. Not to mention, his fighting spirit has somewhat dampened since the pandemic derailed his training schedule.

“After that win, I was extremely excited and looking forward to competing in the Olympics. I was very disappointed after the event was postponed. Everyone thinks boxers have to wear nerves of steel. But at that stage, my mental health deteriorated significantly, “he said.

Though the Tokyo Olympics are still expected to take place this year, Dung said competition on an international level seems a long way off from coming true due to the outbreak, adding that his current goal is to win the National Club Championship in April and the National Championship in September.

“But with the current Covid-19 situation, it’s not …

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