NVIDIA’s GeForce now supports 120 frames per second on all Android phones

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Now, GeForce Now runs at 120FPS for all Android phones. Another benefit to using GeForce Now is the addition of 120FPS gaming. The only issue was that the feature was limited to only a selection of phones. However, the company announced that it expanded 120FPS gaming to all Android phones. This is great news for people who really wanted this feature. For starters, you’ll need to make sure your phone has the right type of display. Having 120FPS gaming doesn’t really matter if your phone’s display runs at 60Hz or 90Hz.

Cloud gaming is still increasing, and Microsoft and NVIDIA are leading the charge. People on mobile platforms can utilise GeForce Now, which is a platform created by the latter. 120FPS gaming is coming to all Android phones with GeForce Now, according to 9To5Google. Users may utilise GeForce Now to gain access to powerful gaming gear through the cloud. The game is rendered on a server and broadcast to phones and PCs immediately. This way, you may play a game on your smartphone with high-resolution visuals, ray tracing, and all the other bells and whistles.


  • If you want to pay less, there’s a $9.99 plan that will allow you six-hour gaming sessions and ray-traced graphics. If you don’t want to pay anything, there’s a free tier. This one only requires that you create a GeForce Now account. With this tier, you won’t get ray-traced graphics and you’ll be confined to one-hour gaming sessions. Arthur has been a tech journalist ever since 2013, having written for multiple sites. He really got into tech when he got his first tablet, the Archos 5, back in 2011. From there, he gathered more and more gadgets to add to his collection. Along with tech, he is also a musician. He’s been playing the piano and writing music for more than 15 years. He continues to write music for video games and film.

  • Also, you won’t be able to get this on the free membership. If you want to see all 120 of those frames, you’ll need to have a GeForce RTX 3080 membership. This plan costs $20/month, which is relatively pricey. It’s not super cheap, but if you want to have PC-quality games, it’s cheaper than buying/building a gaming PC that can handle it. The top-tier plan has several other perks; they’re all about the visuals and performance. Along with 120FPS, you’ll also be able to stream 1440p gaming. Also, you’ll be able to enable RTX ray tracing with this tier.


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