Not Working: Do Not Disturb Check out these 8 fixes for Android and iPhone

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If your DND mode is not working while it’s enabled, we will see the possible causes behind this issue, and above all, we will show the methods to fix this issue. Why Do Not Disturb Not Working on Your Phone. The below points are the likely reasons behind your Do Not Disturb not working on your phone unusually. Here you will find different methods to resolve your DND mode. Let’s explore it and hope your DND will be fixed by trying any of the fixes for your device.

A fantastic tool that aids in blocking calls, notifications, or alerts is Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode. When participating in a meeting or conducting an interview, you can use this tool. When it stops working as planned, though, it may cause you trouble. For instance, even if you have the DND mode activated, you could still receive calls in the middle of a conference. Or perhaps your DND mode was automatically turned off since you neglected to sneak the DND schedule.


  • You may have enabled the silent mode and thought it works a DND. The silent mode mutes all the incoming alerts and notifications. However, you can still get calls that will light up your screen. Therefore, you need to check whether you have enabled Do Not Disturb or not. You can follow the instructions to check or enable the DND mode on your phone.


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