Not having Bouncy Frog now available on iOS and Android is Go Gos is harder than it looks

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Naturally, the stage gets harder as they go on. As soon as you get to the end of the game, you will have had everything thrown at you, from ghosts to spikes to witches. You’ll even fly through open space flying in a spaceship and take a skeleton over a sad forest. Various stages are designed to test your reflexes, while others revolve around using your noodle. They’re ridiculously difficult either way. The controls are very easy, indeed. On the left side of the screen you get a virtual keyboard that allows you to hop one square at a time in any direction. To the right, a jump button can be used to traverse three squares. And there’s a tongue-toned button that opened crates, ripped you across ravines and so on.

Frogs are sweet and scorpions are jerks, according to the famous animal proverb The Scorpion and the Frog. There are no scorpions in Bouncy Frog Go, so exercise caution. This is a light game with a powerful aftertaste. An expert puzzle platformer has been created by Abed Merhi. It’s a frog that must move through a maze of dangerous stages that are filled with tens of thousands of spikes, dangerous drops, lasers, and numerous other hazards. The main strategy is Adventure, which has 50 levels with four distinct themes: laboratory, forest, desert, and montrose.


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  • The goal of each stage, apart from getting to the end, is to collect stars. You get one gold star for completing the level, two for collecting all the coins and a third, red star for completing the stage within an hour. You can spend these red stars on Crazy mode levels. Crazy mode of course is one in Bouncy Frog Go. There are twenty tall stages for which to avoid further damage. We think it will be a long time if you succeed in the same situation. You can download a Bouncy Frog Go for free on Google Play or the App Store.


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