Nokia 8800, Nokia 6300 phones from the 00s might return with 4G support

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Nokia didn’t shy away from exploiting the nostalgia factor by resurrecting older models that were quite popular during their heyday. The Nokia 8000 and Nokia 6300 will soon join this set of refurbished phones. 4G models of these two phones from the 2000s have been spotted online, which could mean that HMD Global will bring improved versions of the popular Nokia 8800 and Nokia 6300..

Telia, a Swedish telecom operator, recently updated the list of devices that will support Wi-Fi calling. While the list mentioned some of the latest Samsung and OnePlus smartphones, two phones appeared on the list out of the blue. This list was first spotted by a German tech website called Winfuture. The mention of the two old Nokia phones on the list means that they may soon be back with 4G capabilities and Wi-Fi calling. While the Nokia 6300 is a simple revamp of the older model, the Nokia 8000 is another addition to the Nokia 8000 series.

While an alternative scenario might be that telecommunications listed these names by mistake, there’s a big chance it would have happened. So, the only option to stay with right now, considering HMD Global’s track record, is to believe that the two popular phones from the 2000s are coming back with improvements. The Nokia 6300 4G and Nokia 8000 4G, as they have been listed, will join the Nokia 8110 4G, Nokia 3310 4G and others.

Some images leaked in August showed a Nokia device that looked eerily similar to the Nokia 6300. If these both devices are the same, we may have already taken our first look at the next Nokia phone. Also, if so, the Nokia phone may have passed FCC certification with the code name Leo.

The specifics of these two Nokia phones are unclear at the moment. But they could come with KaiOS, just like the other phones that have been brought back to life by HMD Global recently. Previous models of these two phones were used to run the S40 operating system. But software aside, the company is likely to keep the skeleton of these phones intact on newer models.

That means we could see the Nokia 6300 4G with that 2MP camera on the back, a T9 keyboard, and a retro design that Nokia phones were famous for. The Nokia 8000 4G may resemble the luxurious Nokia 8800 device with a metal body with sliding display module, which when extended opens the T9 keypad embedded below. HMD Global hasn’t said anything about these phones yet. That is why readers are advised to take this information with a pinch of salt.

HMD Global may work on 4G models supported by Nokia 8800 and Nokia 6300 Wi-Fi calling.

News Underline:

  • HMD Global could bring the Nokia 6300 and Nokia 8000 back to life.
  • The two phones have been spotted online with their 4G models.
  • HMD Global hasn’t said anything official about these two devices yet.

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