No phone (1): The debut date of the first generation Android device and the European cost would be leaked

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Carl Pei has already said a lot about the first ever smartphone to launch from his latest tech brand Nothing – however, little enough of it has concerned a launch schedule, save to mention that it is set for some time in “Summer 2022”. However, Allround-PC claims to have heard more on this subject. The blog asserts that its source, described as a “European vendor”, has passed on the information that the phone (1) will debut on July 21, 2022. Furthermore, its maker is now slated to target a €500 (~US$536) price-point for the device.

Nothing phone (1): the first-generation Android device’s debut date and European pricing are rumoured to have leaked. A prototype of a phone that was recently revealed (1). (No source given.) A prototype of a phone that was recently revealed (1). (No source given.) Carl Pei’s Nothing has been coy about when its first Android smartphone would be released. However, a German tech blog claims to have filled in the gaps left by the OEM, including a release date for the gadget. It will also be priced in the mid-range – at least on the European market.


  • Accordingly, one Nothing phone (1) spec may just have been established, at least. Not much is known about the others, although it is currently projected that this first-gen device might take the new Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 SoC up as its long-hyped inaugural Qualcomm platform. Should this be the case, and if the phone (1) aims for the flagship-killer status of the OnePlus One before it, it seems it may have to do so without flagship specs.

  • Meanwhile, Nothing has hinted it has made more progress in its quest to make the same device transparent. Pei has recently announced that its rear panel will (perhaps unsurprisingly) “hero” its wireless charging coil. Now, it is apparently a matter of fitting other components in around it in an arrangement that may or may not prove more pleasing than that of the average smartphone. The executive has also intimated that the Nothing design team may have drawn on “Massimo Vignelli’s New York subway map” in doing so.



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