No need to worry if your Android Auto is stuck on a mysterious “test screen”

No need to worry if your Android Auto is stuck on a mysterious

There are several posts online (here and here) reporting the same behavior, and it goes without saying nobody knows exactly what happens and how to bring things back to normal. The first thing you should know is the error only happens on Android Auto beta builds (some say it’s limited to daily releases, but I’m also seeing people reporting the same glitch on standard beta builds).

Android Auto started flashing what appears to be a strange issue a few hours ago, making it difficult for users to open the software after connecting their mobile device to their car’s head unit. When the connection is established, the message “test screen” appears on the mobile device, which prevents Android Auto from starting. The head unit frequently does not change or goes to a blank screen while waiting for Android Auto to load.


  • If you’re struggling with the same message, the easiest way to fix it is to just go back to a stable version of Android Auto. Downgrading to an earlier release that worked fine should also do the trick. Google hasn’t acknowledged the error given it happens in beta builds, but the next update shipped to testers should theoretically bring things back to normal.

  • In other words, if you’re part of the stable channel, the error shouldn’t show up. The beta program has been specifically released to allow power users to try out new Android Auto releases early, so all builds shipped as part of this effort obviously come with an increased likelihood of issues. This is the case of this mysterious test screen, so at the end of the day, it’s a good thing it’s being reported before making its way to production builds.